Do you want to know what is included. Course you do.

Help choosing a domain name (if you don’t already have one) – £99

You maybe be thinking, that is not a service – Yes it is, we help you avoid or the classic mistakes that will save you time, money, business and embarrassment. Quick example you may think is a great name, but when you tell people your address, will they type or the list goes on, lost emails, having to spend hours or your life spelling out your domain name. And there are many other classic mistakes

The cost of the domain name is included – up to £79

We host the website for your for 1 year – £89

Logo Creation is included – £249

Content Creation, we create the content for you if you do not have content already, we have expert content writers that will write the sales pitch and copy text for up to three pages on your website – £199

Image sourcing and purchasing, we do not scourer the internet stealing images, we have accounts with online companies that sell images to us , so we purchase licensed content and theme related images – upto £249

Website Design, what you actually see, executed in a professional and tasteful manner that meets your target audience, all the stops are pulled out and this designers will work on every aspect of your design and deliver you a site that is compatible with all platforms, and devices with in 4 hours – £799 and over…. if you can find a company that will pull out all the stops and do it for you.

Email configuration, we will help you choose and create up to five email addresses for you and use forwarding if required. £99

And More

The total package if purchased individual would cost over £1800, you see its all the little add-on and add-on which make web design such a task and take months to complete. The good thing is what you make as profit from having an online presence is really limitless.

With this package you are making a huge saving of time and money!!!!